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11 August 2017

Wildcat - issue 1

Some fond memories of Wildcat on Facebook the other day so thought I'd run a covers gallery (an interiors) for the next few days - to cover the fact that I'm on holiday and therefore don't have ready access to my collections...If you're not interested in Wildcat, I suggest you come back in a couple of weeks time :)

Cover by Ian Kennedy (Wildcat is slightly larger than A4 so I'm going to lose a bit of each scan, hey-ho)

Art by Massimo Belardinelli on Joe Alien

Loner by David Pugh

Kitten Magee rear cover by Jose Ortiz

There was also Turbo Jones illustrated by Ian Kennedy, a Kitten Magee strip by Jose Ortiz and a one-off strip entitled Final Mission, drawn by Lalia

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