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4 October 2017

Collecting Jane of the Daily Mirror - part 1

Jane, the newspaper strip that appeared in the Daily Mirror, for may years needs no introduction I'm sure, but I just wanted to put up a few posts about what material is out there for collectors...

First up are the 2 rarest volumes; these 2 flimsy paperbacks reprint just one Jane story in each. Art is by (Norman) Pett throughout. Both volumes are almost square and have 3 episodes per page.

This volume is black & white only - strips D148-D231 appear

Strips numbered E95-E201 in this volume (note not all strips in this range appear). Twice the price of this previous volume but the strips are printed in red & blue (rather than just black and white). 

1 comment:

  1. Seen a couple of copies of On the Sawdust Trail. Not the others.