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13 October 2017

Millsverse publishes Psycho Killer

Pat Mils' publishing imprint has ANOTHER new title out (the Judge Dredd colouring book only came out about 2 days ago and already they're onto the next title)...anyway, as it says here...

ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR DEMONIC IRRIGATION? Doctor Morbus, the PsychoKiller, will see you now. A Ouija board session to summon 1950s gangster Liquid Lenny goes horribly right. Lily the Fink starts acting weirder than usual. Mary Anne’s boyfriend is brutally murdered in his own bathroom, and she develops a sudden penchant for doo-wop music and beehive hairdo’s. Timid Jamie Anderson saw something that night. He knows Mary Anne needs urgent medical help. And there’s only one doctor qualified to give it…

Writers Pat Mills and Tony Skinner have collaborated on Finn, Accident Man and ABC Warriors. Pat created 2000AD and co-created Slaine, Nemesis The Warlock, ABC Warriors, Requiem Vampire Knight, and more. Tony has written Punisher 2099, Ravage 2099, and more. Horror artist extraordinaire Dave Kendall has illustrated comics for Metallica and Necroscope, and worked on World of Warcraft trading cards. He illustrated Houses of the Holy for motion comic Madefire, and co-created Dreams of Deadworld, a Dark Judges series, for 2000AD.

Psycho Killer appeared in the following issues of Toxic:12-14 & 26-29 [there were 31 issues in total]. This volume is advertised here as being 72 pages long - I've just done a quick count-up of the page count for the 7 issues that appeared in Toxic and that only gets you to approx. 50 pages, so maybe we can look forward to some new material in this volume?

Anyway, to remind you who the story began, here's the first page of the strip from Toxic #12...

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