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16 October 2017

Modesty Blaise artwork for sale

Just a quick shout -out for an auction happening on Saturday 21st October c/o East Bristol Auctions (here) that I've been alerted to via a Modesty Blaise mailing list I'm on....

I am mailing you to alert you to a request you will have recieved from Anna Gow, fund-raiser for St. Peter's Hospice, Bristol, UK.  I have rcently donated to the Hospice a set of 6 original Modesty Blaise London Evening Standard strip panels.  These belonged to Paul Woods, a long-time member of the group.  He chose them to represent favourite aspects of the strip characters, and to represent the work of all 5 artists who drew for the strip over the years.

They will be going up for auction on Saturday 21 October.

A local auction house (East Bristol Auctions) are handling the items for the Hospice, website shown below.  All of their items can be bid on online and the catalogue for the relevant sale is already available to view.

Would you please be able to make your membership aware so that they can view and bid on the items if they would like to.

The Hospice provided fantastic care and support to Paul during his last year, and I would naturally like the panels to fetch a good price for the Hospice funds.  But equally importantly, I really want those panels to go to someone who enjoys and admires the work of Peter O'Donell as much as Paul did.

The current bid is £85 - which sounds like a steal for these 6 strips....

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