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23 February 2019

Ron Smith comics covers - non-2000ad

As someone who didn't read 2000ad as they were growing up I wasn't as exposed to Ron Smith's work as those lucky 2000ad readers. However, Ron worked for a number of Fleetway titles and I grew to recognise (and love) his super detailed style.

Anyway, I've now fished out the covers that he drew that I own...firstly, new Eagle from 21st July 1990 

One Wildcat cover

One Scream cover

Mask comics are a slightly odd size - slightly larger than A4 makes scanning the covers impossible so I've just scanned the most I can. Sorry. Note also that the Mask covers are always wraparound covers so you actually get twice the Ron Smith for your money...


  1. You need a nice A3 photocopier with email function!
    Great covers...had the Scream comic as a kid

  2. Scan them one half at a time, and then join them using Microsoft Image Composite Editor. It's a free program and very easy to use.