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13 February 2019

UPDATED: rare Captain Condor merchandise not to be sniffed at

A while ago I wrote about some obscure Captain Condor merchandise...

Dan Dare really monopolised British comics space-based merchandise but his rival Captain Condor was not above getting in on the merchandise action...First 2 images are small handkerchiefs from my collection (of comic stuff, not handkerchiefs)...

This final image is one that I grabbed from an ebay listing a while back and show that, innovatively, the handkerchief set actually tell a story...
This image also shows that different colour schemes were used on the same image - compare my red-edged handkerchiefs with the ones above. I'm sure that collecting a set of these is hard enough without worrying about getting a blue-edged set, a green-edged set and a red-edged set. Who knows though? If you're a big Captain Condor fan there's not a lot of '50s merchandise out there for you to collect and this may be your Holy Grail. Good luck with it.

...UPDATE and now another two have come to light

This is an ebay swipe and is entitled "Arrival on the moon"

This one is entitled "Martians space ships" and is clearly, unlike the earlier handkerchiefs, not part of a story.
So these two look like they could be part of a 'non-storytelling' set, in which case there's maybe just two more to find.

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