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25 October 2016

Advertising comics (1) - Havok

So here we have, presented free with 2000ad an "issue" of Havok.

Wikipedia ( tells me that Havok was a short-lived wargame created by Bluebird Toys in 1997. It was designed as a cheaper alternative to Warhammer 40,000 and was aimed at a younger audience. The key defining feature of Havok miniatures was the use of soft, flexible plastic in production, the hand pre-painted, pre-assembled models, 35mm plastic bases and decorative sticker for the models and bases, which meant that additional paints and glue was not necessary.

Why have we forgotten it then? Considered the main contributing factor was the fact that Havok expansion blisters could only be bought as one item from an Argos catalogue store, which meant that it was impossible for customers to purchase specific units, as all items had the same serial number and so were chosen randomly by the staff!

The back cover shows the game pieces all laid out.

Here's a set for sale on ebay

I've seen this particular issue of Havok for sale a couples of time - and had assumed it had lasted so well because it was produced in such large numbers as it was a freebie from 2000ad. However, this very useful listing of 2000ad free gifts

lets me know that this issue of Havok was free with prog 1036 (1/04/97) but that there were related freebies with prog1021-4, 1026, 1028 and 1032.
But all those prog dates are from December 1996 onwards, so too late for Christmas 1996 and too early for Christmas 1997

Here's the gift with prog 1026...

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  1. I remember them, and have them buried somewhere. If I remember correctly the art was good, but not much in the way of a storyline?