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8 December 2019

Eureka fanzine - Bellamy & Kev O'Neill

I've always enjoyed going back though my collection of old fanzines to find early examples of work by now-famous creators, one of these in particular has been Kevin O'Neill. 

I've looked at his work hereherehereherehere and here but I've never been able to show any of his art from 1971 - until today that is!

Sporting a magnificent Frank Bellamy cover Eureka volume 2, issue 3 features two newspaper strip style strips by Kevin.

As the editorial notes "...Because of pressure of work. Alan Knights was unable to draw the two Eurie strips he created for this issue, but Kevin O'Neill has stepped in to help out."

The first Eurie strip is signed by O'Neill (who would have been 18 at the time these were published and was already working on Buster - according to his Wikipedia page (here) anyway).

Eureka cover by Frank Bellamy

Eurie strip illustrated by Kevin O'Neill

Eurie strip illustrated by Kevin O'Neill

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