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27 December 2019

Frank Bellamy - To be or not to be

If you missed out on the recent opportunity (in the November 2019 comic book postal auction) to acquire this early, early piece of Frank Bellamy artwork then not to worry it's back on sale!

Described as 
The Catering Corps Sergeant in a dilemma over the troops tinned rations menu. (Probably hung in the Sgt's Mess!)
From the Bob Monkhouse archive
Indian ink and wash on card. 14 x 10 ins 

It sold for £125 (according to Norman Boyd's amazing Frank Bellamy blog here) - but it's back on sale here for $1,725 (or offers).

I won't be bidding but I just wanted to grab a few of the images here because they were slightly higher resolution than when originally sold.  

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