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24 February 2020

Early Dan Cornwell fanzines strips to collect

Following on from my post a couple of weeks ago (here) about my 'prog slog' dedicated to Dan 'Rok of the Reds' Cornwell's contributions to 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine I thought a follow-up post was necessary.

So today I'm just going to highlight Dan's work outside of Rok / 2000AD / Judge Dredd megazine and instead focus on his early fanzine work instead....

The Price - FutureQuake 21, written by Derek Hamill (June 2012)
still available to buy here

A Soldiers Guilt - FutureQuake 23, written by Ollie Masters (July 2013)

Perks of the Job - FutureQuake 23, written by Robert Lefebvre (July 2013)
still available to buy here

Strontium Dogs - Wirehead Rex - The Day the Diddly Died - Dogbreath 28, written by Dirk van Dom (March 2013)
sadly out of print

Strontium Dogs - Wirehead Rex - The Idolmaker Subterfuge - Dogbreath 29, written by Dirk van Dom (October 2014)
sadly out of print

Cover to 'Zarjaz' fanzine issue 30
available to buy here

As ever, let me know if there's anything I've missed - thanks for reading


  1. whats the chances of getting those 28 and 29 dogbreath issues?

    1. they're out of print so ebay is your only friend I'm afraid