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23 February 2020

The 4th Robin birthday book

I looked (here) at the third Robin birthday book and speculated that the book was sent to those members of the Robin club who had reached their 3rd birthday.

I now also have a copy of the 4th Robin birthday book and birthday they came from the same child who received the 3rd birthday book I know that this postcard was sent a year later and presumably ties in with her next (i.e. 4th) birthday.

The book is very similar to the 3rd birthday book (soft cover, slightly larger than a paperback and is 12 pages long) and I can't believe that it would have lasted very long in the hands of the average 4 year old!

Inside it's a mixture of poems, puzzles, (very) short stories and a couple of comic strips - in this case Andy Pandy and The story of Woppit. All of which is perhaps indicative of a book for a four year-old.

As a nod to friend of the blog Steve Hollands I include here the Woppit story as he wrote all about Woppit here on Bear Alley

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