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14 March 2022

Don Lawrence exhibition 1999

I'm indebted to friend of the blog Allan Harvey for all the images below - taken at the Don Lawrence exhibition in Brighton in 1999. Allan recalls...
Here are some photos of the [Don lawrence] exhibition. We arrived fairly late in the day, took in the room full of art, and made to leave. As we went, we said thanks to the receptionist, who asked it we'd seen "the other room". The other room, it turned out, was actually the main one, filled to the brim with dozens of frames of prime Lawrence art, primarily from Storm, but there were a few Trigan pieces too. We were the only people there. Apparently, Don himself appeared later in the week for a talk/interview, but I couldn't make that. It was an amazing exhibition though, truly eye-popping to see his work in the flesh -- and at that point almost none of it had been translated.

thanks again Allan!

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