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16 March 2022

Saban's Masked Rider comic - 1997

An item caught my eye on Facebook the other day, it was this...Saban's Masked Rider comic

...dated 19th Feb 1997 this is issue 1. The Facebook poster noted that it lasted "about 8 issues". I can't find any further cover images so if you can help do let me know.

In the US the series only lasted one issue as, according to this website, the license was lost. Which would make the UK comic lasting "about 8 issues" even more interesting.

Over on ComicArtFans (here) there's a piece of Jon Haward original art from a newspaper strip that ran in the Young Telegraph.

There was (in the UK) an associated annual as well... 

...featuring art by Sandy James...

...and Jon Haward (again)

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