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26 June 2022

Charlie Adlard art for 'Blue Moon'

I've looked before at Charlie Adlard's 1999 work on (children's comic) Blue Moon here, here, here and here - in case you missed these posts here are the covers that Charlie did for Blue Moon...

Blue Moon, issue 7, 2nd August 1999

Blue Moon, issue 10, 25th October 1999

...and I've now found another piece of Charlie's art is in issue 3 (cover below) from April/May 1999...

and here it is on page illustration for the poem 'Casabianca' (most famous for its opening line The boy stood on the burning deck)

Blue Moon lasted 12 issues and I now have the fist 10 issues so it's possible that his work also features in issues 11 or 12. Should I ever get these issues I'll let you know.

You can find all references to Charlie's work on the blog here

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