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17 June 2022

The Mike Western story - Steve Holland

I've looked before at the British comics reference works by a number of authors...

i). Dennis Gifford books here (with all Gifford posts here)
ii). Lofts & Adley books are here
iii). Dennis Gifford is here 
iv). David Ashford is here
v). Ray Moore is here
vi). Martin Hamer is here
vii). Alan Clark is here

One author I've NOT looked at (yet!) is Steve Holland. For me, the book that I'd recommend you all try and pick up is this slim volume, The Mike Western story. This rare volume has 28 pages and is A5 in size. This is the original version....

...and this is a later reprint volume...
A5 sized, 36 pages (plus covers) - so a slightly expanded version. In the introduction to this version Steve Holland says there are less than 50 printed copies of the original version.

Good luck hunting down either version

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