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7 June 2022

UPDATED: Rogue Trooper - the art of war prog

UPDATE: friend of the blog Reuben Willmott has provided some info. about what precisely is different about this prog...see the bottom of the post for these details...

UPDATE: sale price was £187.99

I've come across this rare 2000AD variant before (on various Facebook groups) but I've never seen a copy up for sale. However, right now there's a copy for sale right here (I'm not the seller). 

At the time of typing it's already been bid up to £99 - how much will it go for finally?? 

This is certainly a 'grail' prog for many 2000AD collectors.

Friend of the blog Mac Mac Anorak says...
Prog 2005 End-of-Year (2004) Christmas Special variant cover edition with Rogue Trooper art by Ben Flynn - limited promo copies given away free at UK train stations and on the London Underground.

Reuben says...

...and here are those images he kindly posted...

Different front cover

Different back cover

This is the ad on the inside back cover of the 'regular' edition...

...and this is the ad on the inside back cover of the 'art of war' edition

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