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28 October 2022

Jet Morgan playsuit

Somewhere I have a photo of this actual playsuit - from maybe the Museum of childhood in Bethnal Green (now known as Young V&A) - I can't find it right now. Anyway, it's a welcome debut on the blog for Jet Morgan (star of Journey into Space) and his playsuit - images swiped from the catalogue below (recently for sale on ebay)...

I'm sure there was a Dan Dare spacesuit which looked just like that but, frustratingly, I can't find an image. There was this Dan Dare spacesuit..

Anyway, good luck adding this playsuit to your Jet Morgan collection.

Update: Here’s a picture of the actual suit, via Aphadrome. the site notes indicate the fabric playsuit comprises a silver grey jacket with a red chest panel with Space Pilot graphic and includes trousers, red gloves and a fabric helmet with red trim and a vinyl visor. 

There was a generic box for a range of outfits, but the box indicates that this is a "Jet Morgan" space suit, though the example shown is marked Space Pilot.

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