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16 October 2022

Comics festival 2000 - part 1

I've previously looked at the great spin-off 'decks of cards' that Kev Sutherland put together for the comics festivals he ran in the early '00s. So far I've looked at...

The (2001) hearts suit of cards is here
The (2001) diamonds suit of cards is here
The (2001) clubs suit of cards is here
The (2001) spades suit of cards is here

He then repeated the exercise in 2003... 
Part 1 of the 2003 deck of cards is here
Part 2 of the 2003 deck of cards is here

Part 3 of the 2003 deck of cards is here

And the 2003 London (winter) comics festival here
And then some extra items here
And then the cards from the 2003 London (winter) comics festival here
And then my first look at the 2004 charity deck of trump cards here and part two is here
Comics festival 2004 calendar is here

And now the A2 leaflet /programme for the Comics 2000 festival has been found and the 'deck of cards' theme is present, but just in terms of illustrations provided for the programme. So without further ado let's see who's in here...

Judge Dredd - illustrated by John Charles

Then we have Dave Gibbons drawing Martha Washington, Bryan Talbot with 'Britannia', Paul Johnson draws Batman, Art Wetherell drawn Darth Maul and Henry Flint draws Nemesis the warlock.

Next up we have Simon Gurr drawing Batman, Paul Palmer draws a cat and mouse version of Superman and Batman, Dave Roberts draws Wonderwoman, James Hodgkins draws 'bubblegum girl, Glenn Dakin draws monsters (bottom left), Craig Dixon draws Hellboy and Mark Buckingham draws a lot of characters!

Nest up is Judge Dredd drawn by Neil Edwards, superhero by Stephen Baskerville, John Erasmus draws 'man and mouse', Mike Perkins draws Superman, D'Israeli draws a bunch of characters and Mark Harrison draws a whip wielding woman.

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