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19 October 2022

UPDATED: Comics diaries

I've looked at the diaries produced by EagleGirl & Swift before, but in separate posts, so I thought I might usefully pull that information together into a single post.

I've now started adding other comics / comic strips to this listing - all new entries are shown in red

Diaries were produced for at least 1951-63. No diary would have been produced for 1950 (Eagle launched in mid-April so that would have made no sense). I have copies of diaries for the following years...1951-4 & 1957-63, so I'm just missing 1955 & 1956 (and any produced from 1964 onwards). 
Diaries typically look like this...

Only example I've ever seen - no idea how many were produced. This is for 1956.

Only example I've ever seen - no idea how many were produced

Judge Dredd diaries
For the year 2000...

and these images (all swiped from here) of a numbered limited edition version of the year 2000 diary as well

Doonesbury desk diaries
Doonesbury desk diary for 1984

Doonesbury desk diary for 1985

Doonesbury desk diary for 1988

Doonesbury desk diary for 1989

Doonesbury desk diary for 1991

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