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17 August 2023

Original art by Vanyo

I must have read a lot of comic strips as a child that featured the art of (the brothers) Vanyo. I'm thinking of strips like Death Wish, The Hand, The Brothers, Bloodfang, Storm Force and more - and yet despite how prolific Vanyo was you never see their original art from these strips up for sale. Anyway, one page (from another strip) was up for sale recently and I'm just recording the fact here. 

There's just 5 pages of Vanyo art listed on ComicArtFans - all from 2000AD, specifically 'The mind of Wolfie Smith' story.

I'll add other (!) Vanyo pages as I find them to help folk see how much their original art goes for.

This piece (with its strong Doomlord vibes!) was from the COMPAL ( Spring 2023 sale and sold for £583 (including 19% buyers premium)

Lot # 81:

2000 AD Prog 139
The Mind of Wolfie Smith original artwork by Eduardo Vano for Prog 139 page 22. 17 Nov 1979
Indian ink and black poster paint on card. 17 x 14 ins

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