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7 August 2023

That'll be the day!

A rarity/oddity from June 1975...a one-off tabloid sized comic (from Fleetway) all about the (then) upcoming referendum on 5th June 1975. Artists include Alf Saporito & Martin Honeysett. 

My thanks for Steve Marchant for highlighting the existence of this comic to me - all the scans are his too. Someone recently donated a copy to the Cartoon Museum and Steve kindly took these images.

Like he said, not much info available about this online, I'd love to know more about it - can you help? 

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  1. I became aware of this from John Sander's book King's Reach in which he talks about it, and have wanted a copy ever since. IIRC, Sanders hoped it would go on to be a regular periodical to compete with Private Eye. So far, only seen it come up on eBay once, for **eek** money.