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2 December 2016

2000ad archive - volume 1

A recent acquisition for me, I'd recalled reading about these volumes ages ago, did nothing about it and then went to try and order them - found they'd gone - and then started to doubt myself that they even existed.

Anyway, here from August 2002 we have '2000ad archive volume 1' - this is a page for page reprint of the first 10 issues of 2000ad (so that's 300+ pages of thrillpower). Cover is by Kev Walker. For a telephone directory sized book, this volume is weirdly subtitled '2000ad digital archive'. In the end Rebellion moved away from reprinting whole progs and instead chose to focus on reprinting stories featuring individual characters. This volume is A4 sized - so it's bigger than, for instance, the Judge Dredd Case Files. Quality of reproduction leaves something to be desired, and the (originally) colour pages are presented here in black and white.

Very useful list of credits.

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