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2 September 2017

2 new Dan Dare reprints from Titan Books

Titan Books printing of the Dan dare story 'Mission on the Earthmen' is scheduled (it says on Amazon) for 14th November
160 pages for £29.99 (eek!) for a story which...
Whilst on a mission to explore a distant galaxy, Dan and Digby set out in a scout ship and are forced to crash land on the planet Zyl by a race of scientifically advanced beings called the Zylans. They are currently at war with the inhabitants of the planet Vort, a war-like, barbarian race and need warriors to help them defeat their enemies. Their choice of Dare and Digby brings a most unexpected conclusion to their plans of planter domination.

In addition to this I have also noticed on Amazon, this link to their next reprint volume...Earth Stealers. This suggests that the 'Mission of the Earthman' should contain...
Mission of the earthman (volume 11 issue 29-52)
Solid space mystery (volume 11, issue 53 to volume 12 to issue 23)
Platinum planet (volume 12 issue 24-47)
That's a total of 71 issues which is 142 pages plus an intro and an Eagle annual reprint - that'll get you to 160 pages.

Earth Stealesr is due for release on 24th April 2018 - 160 pages for £29.99
If it's got 160 pages that's mean it would have to include something like...
The Earthstealers (12/48 to 13/9)
Operation Earth-saver (13/10 to 13/23)
The evil one (13/24 to 13/32)
Operation fireball (13/33 to 13/42)
Web of fear (13/43 to 13/52)
Operation dark star (14/1 to 14/9)

No cover images is yet available.

Amazon text stays...
Dan Dare and Digby, awaken, after an unknown number of years, from deep-space hibernation to find themselves lost and adrift in an unknown region and orbiting a mysterious planet, seemingly made of platinum. Now our two plucky heroes must free an enslaved race of aliens and fight to return to their home world, although what they discover there remains a terrible mystery...

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