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8 September 2017

Biggles - part 2

1981 also saw the publication of Bjorn Karlstrom's last contribution to the series, Biggles and the menace from space

1983 saw a new writer/artist on board for Biggles in the Kalahari - Stig Stjernvik... you can see the cartoony style is not much different to what has come before

The last volume, Biggles and the Gibraltar bomb, is almost as hard to acquire as the first (expect to pay £30+) - as this was published in 1984 (and is about German bombs) no link to the 1988 death of 3 IRA members should be inferred - but I wonder of the high price for this volume is because some people assume that the title infers some sort of link?

All in all, 6 volumes that form an often overlooked contribution to the Swedes to UK comics!

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