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29 September 2017

Roy of the Rovers is back!

Great news for all fans of British (football) comics the BBC are reporting (here) that Rebellion are bringing Roy of the Rovers back into the world of publishing, albeit not in a weekly comic but they are re-starting his career.

Jason Kingsley, Rebellion CEO, said he was "delighted" the character was back "for a new generation of readers", calling him a "fantastic addition" to the company's roster of characters.

Ben Smith, head of books and publishing at Rebellion, said: "There are only a handful of truly iconic characters in British comics, and Roy Race is surely one of them. We look forward to bringing Roy to modern audiences in a completely fresh incarnation that honours the extraordinary legacy of the character. We will be telling stories that connect with readers both young and old. There is a dearth of football-related fiction on the shelves, and we're looking forward to correcting that, whilst giving a classic British comic character a new lease of life in the process."

Over on the book trade info website (here) they are reporting that

•Rebellion to launch a brand new, rebooted Roy of the Rovers in 2018.

•Publishing plan includes 3x56 hardback page graphic novels per football season, launching in September 2018, January 2019 and April 2019.

•Middle grade [presumably this means sort of 6-8 year old] illustrated fiction titles to be released alongside the graphic novels, launching in September 2018.

•Roy of the Rovers Digital in development.

•A comprehensive licensing program, working with prominent partners in various markets, also currently in development.

•Rebellion is currently booking meetings for the Brand Licensing Expo London and Frankfurt Book Fair regarding Roy of the Rovers.

•Readers can sign up for news updates at, and find us on Twitter @royoftherovers

from the new website

Roy's new look has yet to be revealed

For those catching up on Roy of the Rovers collectables don't forget to look

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