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5 September 2017

More humour art for sale

Continuing my trawl through the Book Palace website (here) for humour comic art of my childhood I stumble across these old friends...
No matter how hard the Bumpkin Billionaires try to give away, spend or lose their huge football pools winnings, they always end up at least as rich if not more so by the end of the story.

The Bumpkin Billionaires was a British humorous comic strip which ran from 1974 until 2000. It was drawn by Mike Lacey throughout except for the last few years in Whizzer and Chips by Jim Hanson.

This TWO PAGE episode was published in Whizzer and Chips 6th June 1987 and is your for £125.
Two pages of the original art. A complete two page episode of this hilarious comic strip which appeared in the Buster comic in 1986. £125
One page gag cartoon strip by Terry Bave, Sammy Shrink which appeared in Whizzer & Chips, 18th July 1987. £50.
Our hysterical rapper get's more than he bargained for when he gets a part-time job in a bakery.

One page gag cartoon that appeared in Whizzer & Chips 17th September 1988. Note the art was cut in two between 2nd and 3rd row of panels in order to make it easier to post when the artist mailed it to the publisher. £95.


  1. I’ve dropped them a line, but that Watford Gapp is by Barrie Appleby

  2. Hi Andy. I listed the Watford Gapp piece as Tom Patterson as I found a mention somewhere on the web that he'd worked on the strip and it did look like his work. I've checked Wikki and Barrie's home page but it doesn't mention Watford Gapp. Have you a signed page or some other proof? British humour strips aren't my field of expertise, but we do like to get it right! Thanks to Richard for the promo!

  3. Proof is in the artwork - compare the non-Watford characters to Barrie's other work, and to Tom's secondary characters, and it's definitely Barrie.

    Tom created and drew just about every strip in the Watford Gapp series that I can remember.