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4 June 2018

Alan Moore talks - tonight!

Don't forget that this is tonight folks...

Tickets are available here

Alan Moore will appearing in the small, but perfectly formed, space that is the Elgar Rooms at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday, yes this Monday, (4th June).

He'll be talking to Robin Ince and Josie Long as it says here
they bring a special live version of the popular Book Shambles podcast to the Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room as part of Festival of Science: Space.
In their hilarious podcast, Robin and Josie use books as their springboard into shambolic, often ludicrous and always passionate conversations into literature, science, philosophy, comedy, politics and, well, everything and anything. Expect high standards of both wisdom and nonsense.
This show will feature British science communicator and solar researcher Professor Lucie Green and the man behind graphic novels, Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Batman: The Killing Joke, Alan Moore
There's a trailer on youtube that can be found here

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