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11 June 2018

Striker volume 5 - out now!

I wonder if Striker comic creator ever sleeps? 

I say this because not only is he preparing his new Striker comic (here) but he's also found the time to put together volume 5 of his complete collection of Striker strips...

As he says himself...
About muddy time - but we think you'll find that Volume 5 of the Striker Collection is well worth the wait!
With Fabian on the cover, this 304-page heavyweight hardback is aptly titled We're In Ze Money to reflect the amazing events that happened to Striker during the period covered in the book - 2000 to early 2001. Creator Pete Nash recalls those events in detail in his introduction, including his clashes with The Sun's then recently-appointed editor.
The stories start with the conclusion of Stoned from Volume 4 - in which Callum wakes up in a field with no memory - and there's the hilarious but controversial episode with Fabian getting handcuffed to a bed by two crazy groupies. It's a story that upset The Sun but has now become a legendary classic.
Callum's father makes a brief appearance after being released from jail - with two gangsters in pursuit - and a psychic warns Nick to beware of an incident in an upcoming match that could end his playing career.
The last story sees the introduction of Jeremy Grubbett and Charles Bullion-Browne - two ruthless investors who make Eric's life a misery and bring catastrophe to Warbury.
Print costs are creeping up but we've managed to keep the price of this book at £25 including UK delivery or £30 for a signed copy.

Shipping from 25th June.
I've got volumes 1-4 and at £25 for full colour 300+ pages of action they represent great value for money. So, what are you waiting for?

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