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9 June 2018

Gilbert's fridge - the comic - pardon?

Is this the strangest comic Marvel UK ever produced? I'm not sure, but that's more because I didn't read Marvel UK back in the day but I've seen plenty of stuff that they've produced but even to me this seems like a particularly esoteric offering...
A one-off based (it says here on Wikipedia)...
A Saturday-morning kids' TV show, broadcast on the Children's ITV network. The show featured Gareth Jones (aka Gaz Top), Charlotte Hindle, and, for the first year of its run, Gian Sammarco, the British child actor best known for his portrayal of the character 'Adrian Mole'. Sammarco was replaced for the 2nd and 3rd series by a puppet named Gilbert the Alien (voiced by Phil Cornwell). Each week the series would be broadcast from a different UK location and centred on the Millennium Dustbin, a fictional space ship in which the presenters would travel the country. The show invited a live audience to attend and give vox-pop comments, to give presentations on local community activities, and to participate in games and challenges. The show featured a unique play-by-phone challenge, using the Amiga video game Xenon, where viewers would call in and shout "left, left, right, shoot" commands to a blindfolded player. Get Fresh also featured the animated series The Centurions and The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.

Get Fresh Sunday was a pre-recorded Sunday morning edition of the show also presented by Gaz, Charlotte and Gilbert. This spin-off featured The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin and Gummi Bears and studio-based interviews and features, and was more item-based than the activity driven Saturday live show.

Gilbert later featured in a further two series for Tyne Tees Television, Gilbert's Fridge (1988) and Gilbert's Late (1990).

The whole thing (published in 1988) unfolds into an A3-sized magazine that can be easily read (but not my copy as it's slightly worse for wear).

The comic is written by Dan Abnett, inked and drawn by Paul Hardy (plus Kirk Etienne and Cam Smith); coloured by Steve White (and Mike Phipps); lettered by Stuart Bartlett. 

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