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2 June 2018

John Bolton signing @ 4pm today

Don't forget that this is from 4pm today people...

London's Forbidden Planet megastore have announced a rare signing by comics artist John Bolton, as they say themselves...

JOHN BOLTON will be signing HOPE at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 2nd June from 4 – 5pm
Continuing the successful and acclaimed SHAME series. A graphic novel like no other, philosophical, clever and thrilling!

Shame is dead, her demon father blasted back to Hell. Hope, newly born into the body of a young woman, stumbles from the battle-scarred castle still filled with Shame’s malevolent servants. The evil witch may have been defeated, but her dark forces are determined to stamp out Hope’s return to the world.

John was seven when he first encountered a paintbrush and it was love at first sight, offering him an output to visualise and create what he saw in his mind and put it to paper. Thus began a life-long ambition of creativity, with influences acquired from a wide variety of sources, but all connected by one underlying theme – the interesting and bizarre. John has been painting now for three decades. His painting displays a thorough understanding of each medium and subject he chooses to tackle. Inspiration comes not from outside influences, but from the story he is illustrating. The style stems from the content and emotion of a particular story. John has worked with many notable writers and editors and is currently working with Lovern Kindzierski on the continuing Shame Series. He works from his studio in London surrounded by giant aphids, grotesque masks, animal skulls and other bizarre objects.

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