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13 August 2018

Rare Ron Turner comics for sale

John Lawrence (publisher of fab retro fanzine, Space Ace) has been in touch to say that he's recently unearthed a small cache of the Ron Turner comics he produced in the 1980s...

He says..
If you're unfamiliar with them they were b/w publications in the American comic book format 
Nick Hazard - a cross between Dan Dare and Rick Random (33 pages)
Note: This is NOT the story currently being printed in Spaceship Away!
Kalgan the Golden -  an adaptation of a short sf story by E.C. Tubb.(28 pages)
Both have fully-painted colour covers by Ron.

If interested, I have copies for sale at £4.95 each or both for £8.95 including postage.
As usual, if paying through PayPal, via  please ensure you tick the 'for friends and family'  box to avoid unnecessary charges.

Sounds like a good opportunity to catch up with these titles. 

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