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1 December 2018

The best of Roy of the Rovers monthly - part 5

The final selection of the best of Roy of the Rovers monthly (sob!)

Issue 21 - 100% Mighty Mouse action! 100! Julio Schiaffino art! No Roy!

Issue 22 - for once there's a whole lot of Roy in this issue, as well as a bit more The safest hands in soccer

Issue 23 - the second best Marks brothers in history and a weird cover - the attacker in the red shirt is a midget compared to the goal and the keeper is so far behind the goal line that I've no idea why he's bothered diving at all  

Issue 24 - Nipper and the safest hands in soccer are up this month...

Issue 25 - John Gillatt provides the cover and all that's best about this issue; there's also Roy and Tommy's troubles

Issue 26 - Total Hot Shot Hamish and nothing else - the usual madness ensues... 

Issue 27 - the final issue of the run, plenty of Nipper (including some of him playing cricket in the way that footballers do in the summer) and a smidgen of Roy

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