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22 June 2020

Cereal box art - The Lone Ranger by Frank Hampson

My recent interest (obsession?) with comics material featured in association with breakfast cereals covered quite a lot of ground in the end. If you missed it - here's what I looked at..
1). Shreddieboy by Don Lawrence here
2). Shreddieboy by Ron Embleton here
3). Shreddieboy episode 3 here
4). Shreddies illustrated - Agadir here
5). Shreddies illustrated - Shanhai'd in Hong Kong here
6). Shreddies illustrated - Rocket spy here 
7). Shreddies illustrated - Safari here
8). 'Match the pairs' - here 
9). Shreddieboy - the final adventures here

So I thought I should wrap up by highlighting 2 images that Peter Hampson has shared on the website (here) he runs dedicated to his father's art...Peter notes (here) that the art appeared on the back on the cereal packet...   

all material is (c) Peter Hampson

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