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15 June 2020

Shreddieboy - the final adventures

My recent interest (obsession?) with comics material featured in association with breakfast cereals covered quite a lot of ground in the end. If you missed it - here's what I looked at..
1). Shreddieboy by Don Lawrence here
2). Shreddieboy by Ron Embleton here
3). Shreddieboy episode 3 here
4). Shreddies illustrated - Agadir here
5). Shreddies illustrated - Shanhai'd in Hong Kong here
6). Shreddies illustrated - Rocket spy here 
7). Shreddies illustrated - Safari here
8). 'Match the pairs' - here 

And so we come to a final selection of the adventures of Shreddieboy - once again I am indebted to friend of the blog Nick Symes for sending me these images. Nick posts on youtube (here) so why not check out some of his videos about cereal packet collectables?

I can't identify the artist this time but if you can please do get in touch
Edit: Bill Lacey has been suggested, by people whose opinion I would trust in this sort of things, as the artist

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