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27 June 2020

Warhammer monthly comics - focus on other cover artists

Recently I've been working my way through the cover artists who graced the cover of Warhammer monthly comic back in the late 90s / early '00s...

Issues 1-10 is here

Issues 11-20 is here
Issues 21-30 is here
Issues 31-40 is here
Issues 51-60 is here

Issues 61-70 is here
Issues 71-80 is here
Issues 81-86 is here

But obviously if you're after a particular artist I realised that it'd be a bit of a slog going through all those links, so instead I'm going to do a bit of a short-cut selection here and just look at the covers of a single artist at a time.

I looked at Clint Langley's covers here 
I looked at Colin MacNeil's covers here
I looked at Kev Hopgood's covers here
I looked at Kev Walker's covers here
I looked at Simon Davis's covers here

Next up is a selection of artists whose names you might not normally associate with the title - maybe a bit more familiar if you're a 2000AD reader...

Warhammer monthly comic - issue 63, cover by Patrick Goddard, Lee Townsend and Len O'Grady

Warhammer monthly comic - issue 73, cover by Dylan Teague

Warhammer monthly comic - issue 76, cover by Patrick Goddard

Warhammer monthly comic - issue 77, cover by Patrick Goddard

Warhammer monthly comic - issue 84, cover by Frazer Irving

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