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21 April 2020

Loadsa funnies (part 1) - JIm Baikie's Dredd

I've looked before at publications associated with the Cartoon Aid charity (like Band Aid but with more cartoons and less Bob Geldof) - if you missed them they are as follows..
a). the Olympic book is here
b). Bryan Hitch's work in the Kidz book is here
c). Mike Collin's work in the Kidz book is here
d). Terry & Sheila Bave's work in the Kidz book is here
e). Simon Donald's work in the Kidz book is here
f). an auction and a festival were also organised here

The next book I've now found with links to Cartoon Aid is the book 'Loadsa Funnies' - this is an A4, full colour softback book published to tie-in with a telethon on ITV in 1988. Lots of cartoonists have contributed - some I know, plenty I don't. 

What's of most interest to me is who some of those artists are - there are a number of familiar names, anyway, let's start with a quick look at the book and then have a Judge Dredd image... 

Here's that Dredd image then - it's from the pen of legendary British comics creator Jim Baikie!

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