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19 April 2020

Cartoon Aid auction at Sotheby's & a festival in Margate

I've looked before at publications associated with the Cartoon Aid charity (like Band Aid but with more cartoons and less Bob Geldof) - if you missed them they are as follows..
a). the Olympic book is here
b). Bryan Hitch's work in the Kidz book is here
c). Mike Collin's work in the Kidz book is here
d). Terry & Sheila Bave's work in the Kidz book is here
e). Simon Donald's work in the Kidz book is here

Recently I chanced across 2 more publications with Cartoon Aid links...

First up is a catalogue for 432 pieces of cartoon art that were auctioned on behalf of the cartoon world's own famine relief funs, Cartoon Aid. 150 of these pieces were displayed at the Museum of London prior to being auctioned by Sotheby's (on Tuesday 14th January 1989)
The booklet is A4 sized and 36 pages long with colour illustrations throughout.

And here's the inside back cover of the programme...

The second item is the brochure for an event that took place in Margate in July-August 1989 - the first British Cartoon festival. The book is landscape format, A5 sized, 200 pages long and features (black and white) reproductions of some of the cartoons from around the world that featured at the festival

There's alao an ebay seller currently selling a set of table mates described thus...
A boxed set of six quality tablemats issued in association with the Waddingtons International Cartoon Festival at Margate in 1989. The tablemats are illustrated with  "Beside the Seaside" cartoons that were entries in the Festival, by Martin Honeysett, Pan Shun Qi, Paul Verschaeren, Paul R. Hardman, Anthony Hutchins and Virgin Militaru. The table mats are about 24.5 x 19.5 cm in size.

If you know anything more about Cartoon Aid do get in touch...

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