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28 November 2022

Superman in Triumph (1939)

Two interesting early Superman appearances caught my eye on eBay over the weekend....

First up is this advert from the back page of Triumph #771 dated July 29th 1939 and is a 'teaser' image of the cover for the next issue. That issue (#772) saw the start of a 21 issue run of Superman reprints - only a year after his debut, this was the first time Superman had been reprinted. This then can be considered the first appearance on Superman in the UK.

Front cover...

The whole of the back cover

Available to buy here

The same seller also has here a lot featuring Triumph issue 773 - this is the 2nd issue to feature the Superman strip 

The header image of Superman racing a train (below) is new for Triumph and is not a reprint.

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