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25 November 2022

UPDATE: Carol Day - Lance Hallam project

Just an update on can now pre-order the book from 'The Book Palace' here - yours for £299!

Great news for all fans of vintage newspaper strips there's a sumptuous volume of Carol Day coming your way in Spring 2023. Art by David Wright. The strip is called "Lance Hallam". 

More details here where it says

At the Printer!
At long last we are pleased to announce that our Carol Day book presenting the Lance Hallam story is finally at the printer! This book has been a long time coming, but we believe it will prove well worth the wait when it hits book shelves in Spring 2023.

About the Book
In Lance Hallam we reprint the complete story (minus 3 episodes) from the original art, in the full size of the originals, a pleasingly large 17 x 5.25 inches. Our goal is to give readers an experience as close as possible to viewing the original art, and to provide a definitive presentation, as Wright and his art deserve, of one of David Wright’s very best stories.

Here are the highlights:
The back cover image is an original illustration by David Wright, and the front cover image is by Carol Day super-fan and artist extraordinaire, Brian Bolland!

Brian only works digitally now, and to fully appreciate his cover, we encourage you to go to The Cover and explore the image further. We guarantee you will be amazed.

Second, to our knowledge this is the first time a comic strip story has been reprinted in its original size and format from the original art!

Third, to bring the character into the 21st century we commissioned a number of great contemporary artists to create their reaction to the character and story, and we think the resulting portfolio showcases some truly outstanding work by some of the best artists working today. You can see these now in the Carol Day by Today's Artists.

Finally, because we’re nerds and avid collectors, in addition to presenting the original art in its original size we also present scans of the complete art boards with all the marginal notes, editorial comments, revisions, etc. that characterize the art as physical objects.

Technical Details
Lance Hallam reprints the Lance Hallam story from the original art in the original size: 84 strips which ran from Friday, January 11, 1957 - April 18, 1957, along with a critical essay, background on David Wright and contemporary interpretations of the character.

Cover illustration by Brian Bolland

Published as a trade hardcover edition:
Availability: at the printer, expected in stock in Spring 2023
Limited to 500 copies
21 x 14 inches
Printed on acid-free paper
152 pages
Quarterbound with a cloth spine
Colored headbands with ribbon marker
Hot foil stamping on the spineContents
A Brush with Fitzrovia by Peter Richardson
The Lance Hallam Art
The Artistry of Lance Hallam by Roger Clark
Carol Day by Today’s Artists [see 3 images below]
The Lance Hallam Boards
Acknowledgments and Project Journey

This is an expensive book, not because we’ll be making money on it but because we spared no expense to produce the best book we could, the book we want as fanatical Carol Day and David Wright collectors.

If we sell out our print run, we will make a very tiny profit, but that is all. We have done this as a project to give back to collectors, not as a commercial endeavor.

Shipping will be added to the price. Shipping prices are changing rapidly around the world right now and we are unable to confidently predict what they will be when we start shipping.

We will post the price here when we know it.

Reservations and Pre-orders
We are accepting reservations but not advance payments. We do not want to accept money until we have the books in hand.

You can reserve your copy of the book here: Fill out the form, and we will confirm your reservation.

Carol Day by David Roach

Carol Day by Dani

Carol Day by Mark Buckingham

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  1. Looking forward to this volume; hope the repro is as good as they're saying!