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24 November 2022

The Panelhouse (1995/6)

The Panelhouse was an extremely professionally produced comic magazine from 1995/6. A4 in size, 36 pages, black & white throughout. I'll list the British comics highlights of each issue.Well worth tracking down.

The Panelhouse issue 1, April-July 1995
Hugo Pratt; Peter Bagge; an index of European graphic novels (in English) - part 1

The Panelhouse issue 2, August-November 1995
Bryan Talbot; an index of European graphic novels (in English) - part 2; 

The Panelhouse issue 3, November 1995-February 1996
Alex Toth; Hugo Pratt obituary; Edgar Jacobs; 

The Panelhouse issue 4, March-July 1996
Moebius; Mike McMahon; Jean Giaud's Blueberry

The Panelhouse issue 5, August-November 1996
Yves Chaland; comic price guide 1996/7 review; an article on US comic strips set in the UK (ridiculous stereotypes ahoy!)

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