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13 May 2017

Action comic - the 'grail' issue

What happened to the banned issue of Action that was for sale recently?
Action - the banned issue - for sale (yet) again

Previously (here) I reported on the sale in October 2016 of the final issue of Action comic (dated 23rd October 1976). That was sold for £4110.75 (here)

This beat the hammer price of the previous copy (sold in May 2016) for £2555 here

Then another copy turned up, it was originally listed at £2, but failed to sell - on 21st January 2017 for (bids from) £2,500;

It was then listed again ending 27th Feb 2017 for the reduced price of (bids from) £2,250 here
But again failed to sell.

It was then listed yet again, for bids starting from "just" £2,250 here but again failed to sell.

It was then listed again (bidding ending 16th April) - bids were again from £2,250 here and again it failed to sell.

Well now it's been listed AGAIN (ending 8th May 2017) but this time with a price reduction (of £250) so head over here and see if you have £2,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

Will it be a case of 5th time lucky? Watch this space.

UPDATE - the answer is no, it won't be 5th time lucky as it again failed to sell. Further price reductions to come before someone bids on it? We'll keep an eye on this one for you.

Note, this issue was actually just withdrawn from sale it wasn't banned.
Note also, those ebay links might only last 3 months so might not lead you anywhere - I've left them in for completeness.

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