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23 May 2017

Any Michael Moorcock fans out there?

...if so, can you help? I picked this up recently out of curiosity and I am wondering whether there are any other similar volumes?

It's "Heavy Metal presents" so I'm assuming it's a reprint from that magazine and it certainly contains a fair smattering of naked ladies. Anyway, googling "Michael Moorcock" brings up a lot of things I'm not interested in so any pointers gratefully received.


  1. I have this, picked it up when it first came out when it was languishing in my local WH Smith store. If i remember rightly, its part of Moorcock's Eternal Champion series - this one featuring Erekose. I dont think its adapted from the books, its an extra chapter for the series but not really sure. Great work by Howard Chaykin though!

  2. Titan Books have begun reprinting collections of comic adaptations of the Elric stories that were first published by First Comics back in the 1980s. They're pretty good. I can also heartily recommend "The Ruby Throne" - an Elric adaptation by French creators