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14 May 2017

Striker reprint volumes - more to come

Striker volume 1 was released, if I recall correctly just before Christmas 2016...

As we know volume 2 is currently is now available for pre-order at the Striker shop here and it looks great...

Entitled Thamesford to Warbury, it’s another quality heavyweight hardback of nearly 300 pages, featuring every Striker episode from the start of the colour strips in 1990 to the early Warbury adventures in 1994. As with the first book, there’s an introduction by Striker creator Pete Nash with his thoughts and memories from that particular period in Striker’s fascinating history. There are two purchase options: £25 (including post & packing) for an unsigned copy or £30 for a signed copy.

Books will be dispatched around the end of May 2017

Pete Nash has previously released some story details...

The Trouble With Theresa (conclusion) – what will happen to Nick’s new wife?

Burn-out – Nick joins a sinister Italian club where success really is a matter of life and death.
Falling Star– Nick’s new rival has his finger on the self-destruct button.
Deadly Ambition – enter Rodney Crampton, Thamesford’s murderous new owner.
Micky Mulligan’s Comeback – a hard-man defender comes out of retirement but hides a secret from Nick.
The Boy From Ballygilpaddy – Nick comes up against the IRA in Northern Ireland.

The new printer Pete has found means that he can basically print to order so it looks like they'll only be about 90 copies printed over and above what has already been ordered, and once they're gone, that's it. It also means that future volumes are unlikely to have such a quantity of 'spares' available for people who don't pre-order. 

Pete has also released the expected publication dates for the next 2 volumes...Volume 3 is expected out at the end of August 2017 and Volume 4 at the end of November 2017. Sounds good to me.

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