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17 May 2017

Leopard from Lime Street - limited edition

Rebellion's new "Treasury of British Comics" is now open for business here and the highlight of the (limited) range they have on sale is the limited edition Leopard from Lime Street reprint. The book includes numbered bookplate and art print.
After being scratched by a radioactive leopard, young Billy Farmer soon discovered that he had acquired the strength, agility and senses of the mighty jungle cat. Creating a costume to disguise his identity, Billy became the masked vigilante known as the ‘Leopard-Man’ – Selbridge’s premier crime fighter. Living with his aunt and mean uncle in a small house on Lime Street, Billy juggles his time between schoolwork and saving lives, earning some money on the side as a freelance photographer for the Selbridge Sun .
Created by Tom Tully, Mike Western and Eric Bradbury, The Leopard from Lime Street, is the crown jewel of British superhero comic strips.

Best of all this volume is being advertised as book 1 - further volumes must therefore be in the pipeline!

You can pre-order the limited edition (of 200) here for £22.99 plus postage
You can pre-order the regular edition here for £14.99 plus postage

Release date is noted as 12th July.

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