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16 May 2017

Andersonic issue 22 now avilable

Issue 22 of ace Gerry Anderson fanzine Andersonic is now out, I've always this A5 fanzine to be extremely professionally produced and proof that print it not dead! I tend to buy the issues with a "comic heavy" focus but like I say, it's well worth supporting and I though it would be of interest to people here...

Issue 22 is now available (and eBay for a short period in the Collectibles > SF > Thunderbirds section) and features the following:-
David Palmer interview - David talks about his time in the Century 21 effects workshop on Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and UFO, along with tales of Thomas the Tank Engine, Derek Meddings' Colt 45 and miniature astronauts. Plus photos of the original VG-104 miniature from Joe 90 as it is today.
Archive: In 1993 Chris Drake interviewed Gerry Anderson for his book 'UFO and Space: 1999'. In the second part of the interview Gerry candidly discusses Space: 1999.
Parker Goes to Halifax - Stephen La Riviere writes about the making of the recent Thunderbirds TV advert for the Halifax Building Society.. 
Spirituality in the 21st Century - A look at how the Anderson series addressed this subject, from the Christmas episodes of the puppet series to the more agnostic outlook of Space: 1999's first series
Kit Conversion - how to build your own Red Arrow jet from Thunderbirds/ Edge of Impact
Space: 1999/ Breakaway - Mark Braxton revisits the explosive opening episode
UFO/ The Psychobombs - Mike Coldwell takes another look at a favourite instalment of UFO 
Pop-Up Props - Spotting the use of shop-bought toys in Stingray  
Reviews - Invasion UFO and UFO Blu-rays along with Fanderson's Space 1999 Year 2 soundtrack and Ed Bishop interview CDs.
Strip Story - A look at the UFO comic strip 'Voyage of Disaster' from TV Action back in 1972.
... plus art by Richard Smith and some other stuff
Issue 22 comprises 44 pages with colour inner & outer covers.
If you'd prefer to pay by cheque or PO, please get in touch for the new postal address. Back issues are also (mostly) in print.

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