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21 March 2020

Brendan McCarthy art for sale

If you've ever seen any of Brendan McCarthy's amazing artwork and fancied a piece of it - now's the chance! He's shortly launching his Spring sale, so just follow him on Twitter @MysticMcCarthy and DM him and get yourself added onto his distribution list.

Here's just some examples of what he's posted about so far... 

Here's some small A5 prelim drawings from my Marvel Dr Strange/Spidey FEVER comic

Two stray Zaucer A3 artworks on colour done on series 2, signed. May end up as extras in a forthcoming Zaucer collection.

coupla of random A4 ink drawings. DM me your email address and I'll put you on an email mail-out.

Two rare pages from Brett Ewins' punk fanzine Trickey House, 1977. featuring Johnny Rotten and Human Ken.

This is an alternative colour xerox mix of the cover to Vertigo's SHADE #12 1991. Most of the covers were shot off A3 xeroxes. Signed.

Shade #11 Vertigo covers, alternative mixes. Most of the covers were shot off xerox copies (talkin' pre-digital here). These two prints are signed , slightly smaller than A3.

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