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1 March 2020

Red Lion Library books

DC Thomson's 'Red Lion Library' was a series of 4 books collecting stories of characters from their back catalogue. 

Wilson is perhaps the best remembered today - and the book seems to be readily available on ebay / book websites but at prices from £50+. 

The other 3 are rarer and harder to obtain - good luck hunting them all down!

The truth about Wilson by WSK Webb, Red Lion Library (from DC Thomson) 

Killer Slade of the pony express by Matt Carson, Red Lion Library (from DC Thomson) 

The Goalmaker by Jimmy Baker, Red Lion Library (from DC Thomson)

There's currently a copy for sale here for £50

Braddock and the flying tigers by George Bourne, Red Lion Library (from DC Thomson)


  1. Hi Richard,

    Great site indeed.

    Do you know where I may be able to procure a pdf of The Goalmaker volume? I had the book as a kid but regrettably gave it away.
    Would love to read it again, and would be happy to pay for a pdf/scan.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your kind words about the site. I have a copy of the Goalmaker but at nearly 200 pages long that'd be a lot of scanning! If you're really keen than get in touch with me via (replacing AT with @) - thanks again