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5 July 2020

UKCAC 1986 - portfolio (part 1 of 3)

For the United Kingdom Comic Art Convention (UKCAC) in 1986 a portfolio of drawings was produced from the artists present at the convention. It features loads of great art, here's the first selection of images...

There is (was?) a copy for sale here and the description below gives some useful context for the portfolio...

From the press release -
"We believe that we've scheduled a completely unique idea for the convention that will provide you a completely unique and worthwhile souvenir of the weekend. On the Saturday we hope to persuade every professional artist present to contribute to an eight piece illustration that will be printed overnight to provide the UKCAC86 Portfolio. All going to schedule this will be on sale at £1.50 for Sunday lunchtime, with all profits going to African famine relief. We're only printing 600 portfolios, and the original artwork will be auctioned on Sunday... a true collector's item, so snap them up quickly."

Full list 
1. Dave Gibbons "Rorschach", Barry Windsor-Smith "The Hulk", Gilbert Shelton "Fat Freddy's Cat"
2. Mike Collins "Axel Pressbutton" (Warrior), Kevin O'Neill "Metalzoic", Phil Elliott "Gibley"
3. Brett Ewins "Johnny Nemo", Carl Potts "Alien Legion", Gil Kane "Arak"
4. Bryan Talbot "Nemesis", Jim Baikie "Electric Warrior", Cam Kennedy "The Outsiders B.D. Ricken-Backer"
5. Frank Miller "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns"
6. Brian Bolland / Richard Starkings "The Joker - Smile!", John Bolton "Ogre"
7. John Ridgway "The 6th Doctor Who", Gary Kwapisz "Conan", Hunt Emerson "Max Zillion", Al Davison "The Astral Gypsy"
8. Eddie Campbell "Alec", Nigel Kitching "The Silver Surfer", Chris Donald "Felix and his Amazing Under-pants" (Viz), Mark Farmer "Kilowog"
9. Alan Davis "Batman", Myra Hancock "Myra", Seth "Cityscape", Unknown "Daredevil"
10. Graham Higgins "Retinal Burn", Bill Sienkiewicz "Jason from Friday The 13th - as child, Thursday The 12th"
11. Glenn Fabry "Ukko", Unknown "Mister X", David Lloyd "V for Vendetta", Fox "Redfox", Alan Moore "Maxwell The Magic Cat", John Higgins "Zombie"
12. Ian Gibson "Halo Jones", Lew Stringer "Brickman"


  1. I was there! And I did get this! Still have it... somewhere...
    Had forgotten it was a limited print run.

  2. I was wrangling the artists as one of the volunteers, what a privilege to meet them. Thanks for the memories.

  3. I’ve just found mine. I was looking through and was surprised to find a few extra sketches that I obtained at the convention. A Dicky Howett Doctor Who, a Kyle Baker Wolverine and a Steve Leialoha Howard the Duck!

  4. Does this booklet have any value ?