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29 April 2021

UPDATE: Sylvanian Families

As part of my seemingly unending look at the young kids comics of Marvel UK...I've looked before at Sylvanian Families comic, but I just wanted to add a little bit to my earlier work...

Part 1 (issues 1-5) is here
Part 2 (issues 6-10) is here
Part 3 (issues 11-15) is here
Part 4 (issues 16-20) is here
Part 5 (issues 21-25) is here
Part 6 (issues 26-30) is here

I think there are only 30 issues and I'm just missing cover images for issue 26, 29 & 30

It turns out there were also some Collected comics - here's issue 1 (with its Mario Capaldi illustrated cover)

Sylvanian Families (Marvel UK) collected comics #1

Sylvanian Families (Marvel UK) collected comics #2

You can look at all other Marvel UK links on the blog here

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