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10 April 2021

All the Bears

There's a story to be unpicked somewhere about all the following characters and, right now, I'm not sure how it all hangs together so I just need to start somewhere by working out all the instances of the character appearances that I've found so far.

The characters are Star Bears, Scare Bears and Were Bears...

1). Star Bears 
Created by Craig Dixon and Matt Gibas
Here and here I looked at Z comic...

...which has 4 pages of Star Bears content...

...and then there was the sticker book (here)

And in this book there's a 6 page strip...
Here's an example page...

2). Scare Bears 
Illustrated by Craig Dixon and Matt Gibas
Illustrated by George Nicholas
This featured in the sticker book (here)

Here and here I looked at Z comic...

which featured a 4 page Scare Bears strip

there was also the Scare Bears monster party book that I looked at here

The Scare Bear also feature on the cover of 'Cartoon Aid' which I looked at here

and this has two newspaper style strips

plus this full-colour 12-page strip (illustrated by George Nicholas - my list of his work here)

Were Bears
another comic from George Nicholas - which I looked at in more detail here - a title from 1990/1. So I'm assuming that the Scare Bears evolved into Were bears

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